Reduce emissions. Easier than ever.

Conntour measures your carbon emissions instantly, and guides you on how to reduce them at the lowest possible cost. No prior knowledge needed
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AI makes it simple.

Facing new regulations and growing pressure, many companies are now required to reduce their carbon emissions. Yet, 95% lack the expertise needed for this transition. Our AI-driven solution has you covered:
Measure emissions instantly
Get tailored, cost-effective reduction tips
Finance external carbon removal projects

Your all-in-one tool

Our easy-to-use tool connects to your existing data sources, instantly measures your emissions, and generates tailored insights on the most cost-effective ways to reduce them

Achieve goals

Reduce costs

Easy to use

Secured process

Our mission is to help you make the most out of your budget

Reducing carbon emissions is no longer optional; companies must navigate this complex process. That's why we developed a tool to enable you to do so in the easiest and most efficient way
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